Investigation on the Effects of Slope on the Derivation of Artificial River Network using Different Routing Algorithms

Document Type : Research Article



Hydrologic modeling requires artificial derivation of river network. In this research, 5 famous routing
algorithms including D8, D=, RHO8, MFD and DEMON were employed. These algorithms route
flow on the basis of slope gradient. Therefore, the effects of slope on their performance were
investigated. The case study revealed that for overland slope greater than 5%, the differences between
the algorithms are not considerable, while all of which for slope less than 5% have problems because
of generating parallel flow. The results show that if one could solve the problem of the RHO8 to return
the same pattern of drainage network in every running, it could be recommended unconditionally.
Meanwhile, the ability of the D8 and its relative reliability was confirmed, while the D= didn't show
any superiority over other algorithms.