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All new requirements for manuscripts in the Journal of Hydraulics from 22/May/2019 are provided and can be downloaded by clicking on them at the top section in this page but some key requirements and changes can be summarized as follows: 

1- The official language of the Journal of Hydraulics is Persian.

2- Manuscripts should have an extended English abstract of 750 to 1000 words.

3- All figures and tables should have titles in both Persian and English languages.

4- All numbers and expressions inside the figures must be in English.

5- All references must be in English and in of font Times New Roman 10. In the case of using Persian references, their English equivalents should be used and add (in Persian) at the end of those references.


Documents required for the submissions

To submit a manuscript and start the reviewing process in the Journal of Hydraulics, 6 files are required, including the author(s) file, the author commitment form, the supervisor's letter for the articles derived from the thesis, the word and pdf files without the authors' names, and the word file including the name of the authors.

All manuscripts must be submitted to the submit manuscript section of the Journal of Hydraulics' website ( Authors can download new formatting guide as a PDF from authors guide section. It is recommended that the size of the files uploaded is reduced.


The details and contents of aforementioned files are as follows:

1- Author(s) File

This section should be provided on a separate page and will include the manuscript title, full name, affiliation including the full address, telephone number, FAX, email address of the author(s), and sources from which the article was extracted (e.g., Student thesis, research project, etc.). The authors' file should be presented in both Persian and English languages ​​and uploaded with this title.


2- Authors' Commitment File

Authors' commitment file includes requesting for starting manuscript review, accepting the journal regulations and limitations in publishing manuscripts, declare not to publish or submit to other journals, the authors names and their signatures, and the author's affiliations, which should be upload as a separate file.


3- Manuscript File

Original manuscript in PDF and word format should be prepared on A4 paper, 12 pages, two columns layout with single spacing, 3.5 cm top merging, 3 cm low merging, 2.5 cm from left and right, 7.36 cm width of each column, 1.27 cm length between two columns, and with BNazanin (Persian) font with size of 12. This file contains the full title of the manuscript in Persian, (without mentioning the author name and affiliations), Persian Abstract and Keyword, Introduction, Article Body (Including Problem Description, Research Method, Results Analysis), Conclusion, Acknowledgment, Notation, References. Also, manuscript title, abstract and keyword in English. For file names, avoid choosing author names or any other names such as university or city names, etc. The details of each of the main sections of the manuscripts were described in the Author's Guide file. In addition, upload the full manuscript file in Word format with the authors' full name and affiliations as a separate file.


According to the decisions made by the board of directors of the Iranian Hydraulic Association in 21 March 2019, the following costs are received from the author(s) in two stages:


1.  For reviewing manuscripts, after initial submission and editor confirmation: 2,000,000 (Iranian) Rials.

2.  After final acceptance and receiving the official acceptance letter of the paper by editor:  4,000,000 (Iranian) Rials.


In both of the aforementioned steps, the author(s) should enter the journal website (Users Login) and pay the fees through the Internet portal.


Note: In accordance with the approval of the editorial board of the Journal of Hydraulics and the board of directors of the Iranian Hydraulic Association (IHA), to thank the Journal of Hydraulics' reviewers, for every three reviewed manuscripts (since the beginning of year 2018), the Journal's reviewers don’t have to pay fee for one manuscript. 


 All submissions will be evaluated prior to review for similarity and Plagiarism.