Is there any charge for publication in the Journal of Hydraulics?

Yes, authors are required to pay in two steps.

Note: The method of payment is written on the main page of the Journal's website.

Is it possible to submit the manuscripts using email?

No, the only way to submit the manuscripts to the Journal of Hydraulics is through the account (login section in Journal's website), and the manuscripts sent to the email will not be considered in the reviewing process.

Is it possible to withdraw the manuscripts from the reviewing process by the author(s)?

Yes, the corresponding author can, at any stage by sending a formal request, withdraw the manuscripts from the reviewing process.

How can the authors find out about the status of their manuscript?

The authors can be notified of the status of the articles submitted at any stage after submitting the article by logging in to the account. It is also possible to send email and phone calls in the days and hours specified on the “Contact Us” page.

Do the authors need to submit parts of their manuscripts in English?

Yes, it is necessary for all the manuscripts to have titles, authors' names and affiliations, abstract and key words in English.

Note: In the “Guide for Authors” section, there are detailed descriptions of the English language sections.

What is the reason and advantages of the DOI code assigned to each article in the Journal of Hydraulics?

The DOI or the Digital Object Identifier is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to identify both print and electronic sources. Currently, all reputable international publishers use this identifier to identify their publications.

What is the availability of access to the articles published in the Journal of Hydraulics?

As the Journal of Hydraulics is open access, the access to all published articles is free of charge through the journal’s website for all individuals.

Has the Journal of Hydraulics considered any measures to investigate the similarity and prevent plagiarism?

Yes, according to the editorial board of the Journal of Hydraulics decision all submissions will be evaluated prior to review for similarity and Plagiarism.

Is it possible to discounted payment for special groups?

In accordance with the approval of the editorial board of the Journal of Hydraulics and the board of directors of the Iranian Hydraulic Association (IHA), to thank the Journal of Hydraulics' reviewers, for every three reviewed manuscripts (since the beginning of year 2018), the Journal's reviewers don’t have to pay fee for one manuscript. 

Is it possible to submit manuscripts by students?

No, students' manuscripts should be submitted in collaboration with the professors and faculty members of universities and centers authorized by the Ministry of Science Research and Technology. The Journal of Hydraulics will review the manuscripts of other specialists in hydraulic science if approved by the editorial board.