Numerical Simulation of Submerged Vanes at 180° Bend with Intake in order to Identify the Optimum Vane’s Angle and Height

Document Type : Research Article



Submerged vanes are plane structures placed on river bed with an angle to the approach flow which
cause secondary flow. They are used to reduce sediment entrainment to water intakes structures. The
vane’s geometric parameters affect the flow pattern around the vanes. Numerical solution of the threedimensional
Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations for turbulent flows around submerged vanes
placed in front of the intake in curved channel with 180° bend using the Fluent software in order to
identify the optimum vane’s angle and height and the last vane position is the aim of this paper. The
results of numerical model are compared with available experimental data.
Investigations show that the optimum angle of attack for the first vane is 20° to approach flow and the
optimum ratio of the vane height to the flow depth is 36%. Also the last vane position just off the
downstream corner of the intake is recommended.