Development of 3D MP-MPS Model for Flow Pattern Prediction Under Intensive Hydraulic Gradient

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology


Analyzing of shape, location and other properties of propagating waves involve complicated boundary
conditions, nonlinear equations, variant domain and intensive effect of various flow phases on each
others. These properties have made waves modeling one of the most complicated computational
problems. In this research a Lagrangian, multiphase, meshless and three dimensional method called
MP-MPS (Multi Phase Moving Particle Semi-implicit) have been developed based on the MPS
method. The MPS method is applicable in solving turbulent flow equations such as prorogating near
shore waves. In the multi phases model of MP-MPS the three dimensional and viscous equations have
been extended for three phases of gas, liquid and solid. In this way different phase’s counteraction
effect have been exerted in the equations by some variables, so the phase changes are modeled
synchronically. The dam breaking and wave propagating problems have been applied to show the
ability and accuracy of the model. The results have been compared against experimental and analytical
models. Comparison of model results against applied methods of primary researches represents the
accuracy and applicability of modified methods and algorithms deployed in the developed model.