Anisotropy Feature Analysis of the Flow Field Around Straight and T Shaped Spur Dike

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In thispaper the anisotropy features of the flow field around straight and T shaped spur dike were analyzed experimentally. Two different experiments were conducted for flow field around T shaped and straight spur dike at Tarbiat Modares University. Results show that the anisotropy features of the straight and T shaped spur dikes are almost the same. In the upstream section of the flow the turbulence almost has 2-components and in the mean flow levels the flow turbulence is more 3-component form as compared to the near bed levels. Near the outer bank the most 3- component turbulence were observed. This may be due to the small secondary flow formation in this region. In the web section and near the spur dike nose the turbulence is near to 3-component feature as compared to the middle of flow depth. This is because of the horse shoe vortex formation that was formed due to the interaction of the approaching flow and the down flow in the upstream face of the spur dike web. In the downstream section and in the shear layer region the anisotropy feature predominate (1-component turbulence). In the recirculation zone the turbulence is closer to the 3-component features and this is more pronounced in the middle levels. Far away from the shear layer the turbulence of the flow is close to the 2-component turbulent features as compared to the recirculation region. For anisotropy analysis, AIM and BM approaches are almost the same but the anisotropy element shape more coincides with BM approach. However, more experiments are needed to confirm this argument.


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