Automatic Calibration of Groundwater Models Using Constrained Optimization

Document Type : Research Article



Various optimization techniques for automatic calibration of groundwater models have been used
effectively over past recent years. The present study is another attempt in the same direction through
which a new computer model, developed on the basis of optimization technique, is discussed.
Throughout the model, the well-known Finite Element Method (FEM) is utilized to discretize and
solve the governing equations of groundwater flow. For the optimization part, Augmented Lagrange
Multiplier Method (ALMM) is used to convert the constrained problem to an unconstrained problem,
first. Then Davidon-Fletcher-Powell (DFP) optimization technique is utilized to solve the resulted
unconstrained problem. The capabilities of the developed model are illustrated by employing an
example. The results show fairly good performance of the model, although some limitations still exist.