Experimental Assessment of Submerged Vanes Effect on Scour Reduction Located on the Upstream Face of Cylindrical Pier

Document Type : Research Article


Associate Professor of Water Engineering Department, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


Scouring is one of the destructive factors in the hydraulic structures such as bridges. It occurs mainly
during flood events. To find the most effective countermeasure to protect water structures against
scouring phenomena, extensive investigations have been performed. One of such methods is to use
submerged series of vanes which is not fully investigated yet. In this study, two series of submerged
vanes were used either separately or attached to the upstream face of bridge pier and arranged
symmetrically on different positions and angles of attack to control scour at cylindrical pier under
clear water condition. The results showed that the highest reduction in scour depth occurs as the vanes
series stands closer to the pier. Under the best condition, scour depth was reduced by 80.9 percent.