Study on Channel Hydraulic Characteristics on Morphometric Variations of Bed Materials

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Watershed Management Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources


The simulation and application of models is supposed to be a suitable technique in proper recognition of channel hydraulic characteristics which may lead to increasing accuracy in prediction and saving investments. The present study was therefore conducted to study the relationship of important channel hydraulic characteristics with morphometric properties of bed sediment in Vaz River to find out the most important hydraulic factors controlling the morphometric characteristics of bed sediment. In this study, 12 sections were selected along the river and the bed sediments were sampled using mixing method. The channel hydraulic characteristics and bed sediment morphometric parameters were then regressed. The results of the study verified the significant relationship between hydraulic characteristics and morphometric parameters. Besides, the flow discharge and channel slope were also determined as the most and least effective factors controlling the morphometric characteristics of bed sediment.