» Research Note « Application of Data Mining Approaches for Estimation of Pile Group Scour

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Pile groups are widely used as the foundation to support marine structures in coastal and ocean engineering. Clearly, scouring at the piles is of importance in connection with the stability of the structure leading ultimately to its failure. An accurate estimation of scour depth around a pile is very difficult due to the complex behavior of flow around a pile structure on an erodible bed. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the method and equations that are developed for wave scour depth estimation and assessing the accuracy of these methods in comparisons with real data. Developing an accurate methodology for scour depth determination using soft computing techniques such as, Regression, neural network, decision tree, genetic programming and Neuron-Fuzzy inference system were also of great interest in this study. The results show that the existing empirical formulae does not have the required efficiency for wave scour depth estimation. The best of such models have an R2 = 0.57, RMSE = 1.29 and EF= - 48.86 whereas the proposed ANFIS approach produced excellent results with R2 = 0.94, RMSE = 0.04, and EF=0.97 when compared to the existing predictors for wave scour depth. The proposed methodology is a new approach in estimating wave scour depth in streams and can be combined with mathematical models. 


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